A Perfect Day

Oh Lord, I’m tired, it’s time to go to bed

Way after midnight, and the wine’s gone to my head

Lying here upon the shore just listening to the waves

And it’s been a perfect day

These lyrics begin Chris de Burgh’s eloquent lilting ballad, Perfect Day. The first time I heard it was at an outdoor concert. Chris de Burgh was alone on stage and the music seemed to float out from his piano and roll away into the night. It was easy to imagine the scene that he paints, friends picnicking by the sea and lying under the stars singing Beatles songs while he played guitar. And then he tells his love to remember it if they should ever part.

What is it that really makes a day ‘perfect’? So often, I look forward with great anticipation to achieving some milestone or going to a special event, only to find it anticlimactic. And then there are those other times when for one reason or another everything seems right with the world and I’m enveloped with a sense of harmony and peace.

It can happen when I’m with people I love or I’m doing something fun or if I’m outdoors at a beach or in beautiful countryside. Once in a while though, it catches me by surprise – looking up while driving on the highway and seeing the moon rise, huge and orange, against a backdrop of streetlights that just can’t compare; waking to a diamond and glass landscape after an ice storm; or the sound of a summer breeze ruffling the leaves of the paper birch tree on my front lawn. Reminders that no matter what storms may come our way, in the wondrous and eternal natural world it is always a perfect day.

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