Technology and Luddites and Such:

Technology is getting on my nerves today. Computers, cell phones, tablets, cameras, everything. It’s rather like a car, or the human body. When it functions well, it can be a powerful and useful tool. But when it doesn’t, it’s a source of frustration and stress.

At heart, I’m a Luddite (a term taken from 19th century textile workers who staged an uprising when modern machinery threatened to take away their jobs). Yes, I see the paradox of writing an anti-tech BLOG, yet in a way it’s reflective of what those workers experienced.

I write first drafts in long-hand,love finding personal letters and cards in my postbox, loathe the erosion of privacy through spyware and minicams, and believe that social media is making us LESS social because it replaces actual human interaction with a Brave New World form of virtual relationships.

In the end though, I have to accept and use technology. Adam and Eve (or perhaps Steve Jobs) have taken a bite of the apple and the old world doesn’t exist any more.

The industrial revolution steamrolled over the Luddites and altered the fundamental structure of their society. The tech revolution is doing the same to ours. Will it be good or bad in the long run? We’ll see.

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